Week 1 Preview

Today is THE DAY – the day I wait for all year (please don’t judge me).


It’s the first day of the 2015 CFL season! 


This week’s games are as follows:

week 1

The odds-on-favourite?  Montreal by 8 (I kid you not).

Finally, here’s a brief preview* of this week’s games:

*These previews and predictions are only provided for entertainment purposes and are not based on anything other than the writer’s opinion.  Therefore, the writer is not liable for any losses incurred as a result of any person relying on said previews and predictions for their own use.  Any person who relies on these previews and predictions does so at their own risk.

  • The CFL couldn’t have picked a worse game to open up the season with, as the Als and the RODBLACKS will likely be among the CFL’s bottom feeders this season. Nevertheless, I will be watching. While both teams have serious offensive challenges, Montreal has a defence, while Ottawa just has 12 guys standing around the field at any given time. Prediction: Montreal by 5.
  • It’s a Grey Cup rematch as the Kitty Cats look to avenge their loss by taming the Stumps. Does winning a regular season game make up for ‎losing the Grey Cup? Heeeelllll, no. But that’s how this game is always billed. The Cats have some injury problems and thus far the Stumps haven’t showed any signs of a Grey Cup hangover. Prediction: Stumps by 7.
  • The Arblows open the season on the road at home to the Schmoes in Fort McMurray. Why yes, you did read that correctly! Due to the coldheartedness of ‎Rogers, the Arblows are being forced yet again this year to take their traveling circus out west in order to host a home game. Trevor Harris (who?) will start for the Arblows against the Schmoes’ top-notch defence. Good luck to the QB I’ve never heard of, even though he’s apparently been in the league for 3 years and has started a whole 3 games during that time, ’cause you might need it. Prediction: Schmoes by 18.
  • When’s the last time the Riders opened the season against the Bumblers? I haven’t a clue. Besides, who am I – Rob ‘overly reliant on similes’ Vanstone? Harsh but true. Anyway, the Riders take on the Bumblers without Weston Dressler and Tyron Brackenridge. While this isn’t the greatest news to start the season, it’s better that these two Rider gods rest up and not risk further injury. Besides – they’re only playing the Bumblers. Prediction: Riders by 12.

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