Week 2 Preview

Good morning all,

Coach Chamblin is clearly not a happy man these days.

Yesterday, Rider kicker Chris Milo and his tattoos were notably absent from practice. Later, we learned that he had been ‘deactivated’ (whatever that means) and that the Riders signed uber-veteran Paul McCallum. 

better call paul

Yeah – THAT Paul McCallum.

The Paul McCallum who missed a 17 yard field goal in the 2004 West Final at BC Place that made me question my Rider fandom and opened my eyes to the unfairness of life.

The Paul McCallum who, because of that missed field goal, had manure dumped on his (neighbour’s) driveway.

The Paul McCallum I have consistently referred to in these football missives as ‘McShanks’.

What do I call him now??

‎I do not know, but it’ll come to me.

Anyway, between the signing of McCallum and the return of Jamel Richardson, the Riders are beginning to look like a reunion of the 2005 Riders.  Or the Rider Expendables to Miss CFL’s Mama.

(FYI: that team finished  ‎9-9, finished 4th in the West, crossed over to plays the Alouettes in the playoffs and lost. )

P.S. Tino Sunseri is back. Not that I care.

A reminder of this week’s games:

week 2

The default pick is: CALGARY (duh).

And here’s a preview of this week’s games:

  • Based on this week’s Internet chatter on the various CFL/Riders websites I peruse, you’d swear the Bumblers won a Grey Cup last week‎. While it was the team’s first win at Mosaic in 10 years, forgotten amongst the over-celebrating is the fact that the Riders’ offence actually gained nearly 500 yards of offence against the Bumblers’ defence. The Kitty Cats will be sorely ticked after last week’s last-second loss to the Stumps, so I expect the Cats to win this one at home – handily.  Prediction: Cats by 15
  • The Stumps were lucky to escape with a win last week. Lucky for them, their next foe is basically without a QB. This is bad news for the West Division. Calgary could likely sleepwalk through this game and still win. Prediction: Calgary by 21
  • The Leos are an unknown quantity, having had a bye during the first week of the season. Travis Lulay hasn’t played a meaningful game in nearly two seasons, and there’s an entire new coaching regime in place in the Lions’ Den. The RODBLACKS managed to eke out a win against the hapless Als last week, giving the franchise a bit of momentum. While the Lions are superior at nearly every position, they struggle when they go out East. Nevertheless…  Prediction: BC by 6.
  • “Make me believe, KG!” I cried during the 2nd half of last week’s game. Kevin Glenn looked good running the Riders’ offence last week, but that wasn’t the problem. The Riders’ defence needs to atone for last week’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious display of tackling and it faces a stiff test against an Arblows’ offence that made the Schmoes look like…well, schmoes last week. The return of Tyron Brackenridge to safety should help, especially if the Riders go with three rookies at linebacker as they have in practice thus far this week. Then again, Ricky Foley returns to the team that traded him, and he likely has a rather large chip on his shoulder. Prediction: Argos by 4.

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