Week 6 Picks

brett smith

“Last year at this time, I was serving beer.”

If you didn’t think the Riders were screwed BEFORE Kevin Glenn was injured, this one sentence should be more than enough to change your mind.

I don’t even know what to say anymore because it’s just become tragicomic (and yes, that’s a word).

So, let’s just get to this week’s games:

week 6

And here’s a preview of this week’s games:\

  • Free (Drew) Willy appears to be good to go for tonight’s game.  After last week’s shellacking by the Schmoes, the Bumblers will be looking to get back on track.  Meanwhile, the Cowardly Lions look to rebound from losing a game they should’ve won.  BC is by far the stronger team, although Winnipeg has hung around in a number of games that I never expected them to.  That being said, I think that BC will win this one and extend the Bumblers’ losing streak at home.  Prediction: BC by 8
  • If you’re looking for a drinking to play on Friday night, drink a shot every time rookie QB Brett Smith gets sacked.  I promise you will be drunk by the three minute warning of the first half (or within the first 10 minutes of the game if you’re me).  The Schmoes are going to blitz alllllllllllll night long – it’s going to be fugly.  Prediction: Schmoes by 30 – and the Riders won’t score more than 5 points
  • The Stumps’ wings have been clipped with the loss of Jon Cornhole for at least six weeks and the Als are coming off a bye, meaning they’ve had lots of time to prepare.  The Stumps will have to rely more on their passing game than usual, so expect Montreal to key on that.  The Rookie (Rakeem Cato) will be in tough, as the Stumps are usually pretty good at home.  But I’ve got a feeling that they’re due for a loss on their home turf.  Prediction: Montreal by 3
  • This should be the game of the week, but as with most of my predictions this year, this game will probably end up going the complete opposite of what I predict, which means that one of these teams is likely going to get blown out.  The Kitty Cats showed a surprising commitment to running the ball last week, and that might not be a bad plan against the Arblows.  The Next One (Trevor Harris) looks to continue his stellar play, but this time he’s going up against the CFL’s top defence.  I think this it the week that the Kitty Cats start putting it all together.  So… Prediction: Hamilton by 9

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