Week 7 Picks

So let’s take a break from the negativity surrounding the Riders this morning, except for this BEAUTY of a quote from Coach Chamblin yesterday:

“I told them we oughta cancel practice tomorrow we practiced so well today.”

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about that quote.

(UPDATE:  Rod Pedersen confirmed the Gary Lawless story was true.  Listen here).

ANYWAY…let’s talk about PARITY!

Let’s talk about parity/

Let’s talk about you and me/

Let’s talk about all the good things/

And the bad things that may be…

If you’re like me and NOT a football savant, you’ve likely had a little bit of trouble picking winners this season.  Given how many people already have 3 and 4 losses thus far, most of you ARE like me.

But do not feel bad, because you’re in good company!  And here are some statistics to prove it, courtesy of CFL.ca:


This year it’s been far more difficult to make accurate predictions than in years past, and I believe that’s due to PARITY.  The CFL FINALLY has an Eastern Division where the teams are stable and performing well.  Even the RODBLACKS are having a good year!

I have often complained that the East is the LEAST Division, but the fact that those teams are playing well is good for the CFL as a whole.  The better teams are in the East, the more fans will watch, which benefits everyone – except for those of us trying to pick winners every week.  But we can’t have everything, eh?

Here’s a reminder of this week’s games:

week 7

And here are my weekly previews that will more than likely be completely wrong:

  • There was an article yesterday that asked whether the Schmoes would run away with the West Division this year.  Um, excuse me?  If the RODBLACKS wouldn’t have been so inept a couple of weeks ago (and I fully realize that calling the RODBLACKS inept is the pot calling the kettle black here), the Schmoes would’ve lost to them.  MATTY ICE had a great game last week, but remember who he was going up against: the Wretched Riders.  Le Grand Orange (Travis Lulay) did not have a good game last week, but I expect him to bounce back.  The point spread on this game is 2, which means it’ll be close, and I agree.  However, I think BC might just squeak this one out because: Le Grand Orange with one reconstructed shoulder > MATTY ICE. Prediction: BC by 3
  • The Rookie (Rakeem Cato) goes up against Henry Booris, the old veteran in a game that could make the East Division verrrrrrrrrry interesting.  If the Als win, they’ll be tied with the RODBLACKS for last in the East Division.  (I was going to do a bit of playoff math for you here, but then I realized that this was ridiculous given that it’s only Week 7.  Plus, my math didn’t work out when I actually wrote it out.)  The difference here is that the Alouettes’ defence is a lot better than that of the RODBLACKS, so I expect the Als to win this one.  Prediction: Montreal by 8
  • Oh Wretched Riders: why dost thou frustratest me so?  If I’m the Riders, though, I’m happy to get the h-e-double hockey sticks out of town and go play in the cavernous SkyDome in downtown Toronto, where nobody cares about the CFL – not even Drake, and he loves EVERYTHING about Toronto.  Anyway, the Arblows will likely be without Chad Owens for this game, but in my personal opinion, he hasn’t been doing that much anyway.  I’m going to go out on a very shaky limb and predict that the Riders will win this one.  Why?  The Arblows just played on Monday and Monday’s game was a tough, physical battle during which The Next One (Trevor Harris) got knocked around quite a bit.  And then there’s the fact that the Riders don’t have anything to lose anymore – except for more games.  I think the pressure is off and that the Riders will somehow eke out a victory.  Prediction: Riders by 1
  • First of all, let’s look at this Kitty Cat fan, who had Brandon Banks’ autograph TATTOOED on his arm:

tattooThis is just CRAZY!  But look at all of these people who’ve also gotten crazy CFL tattoos, including one guy who has the CFL logo TATTOOED TO HIS FOREHEAD.  I could not make this stuff up, people, even if I tried.  Anyway, the Kitty Cats look to be hitting their stride after a well-deserved win over the Arblows on Monday.  The Bumblers did manage to pull off a victory over the Cowardly Lions last week, but they did try and give that game away a few times.  Again I say: a fake punt on 3rd and 21??  WHY??  The ‘Cats are a much better team, so they should win this one handily.  Prediction: Hamilton by 10


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