Week 9 Recap

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack – just like the Riders!

Let us first begin with my favourite (although incredibly dangerous, i.e. do not attempt at home!) play of Saturday night’s game:

download (1)

I’m not gonna lie: it was pretty awesome to watch.  Probably not too awesome if it happens to you, though.  However, it was likely the most epic clothesline you’ll see in sports.  I was like:

download (2)

But I can’t believe the clothesliner guy was like:

download (1)

…when he got ejected from the game.

Seriously, dude – you CLOTHESLINED A PLAYER.  You can’t do that, although you were playing the Stumps and goodness knows you WANT to, but still – you really shouldn’t have been that surprised.

Nonetheless, kudos to the Rider offence for putting up 24 points against a very good Stumps defence and somehow making it through the game with Chris Best playing right tackle in the second half.  The offensive line deserves a Wiser’s clap.

Now, because I love Coach Chamblin sooooooooooo verrrrrrrrrrrry much, here’s a notable quote or two (or four) from him after the game:

On trying to kick a 65 yard field goal (league record: 62 yards), which ultimately failed and led to the clothesline tackle, subsequent ejection and then a TD by the Stumps:

No, I don’t have any regrets.”

On the game itself:

“I was excited for that game.  The fans got their money’s worth.  That should go down as an instant classic.”

On the play of QB Brett Smith:

“Yeah, he still has to work on his composure a little bit, but his growth in terms of just actual play, you can see the maturation there.”

On the defensive showing:

“That group played their a** off tonight.  I’m not gonna let you guys do that… They gave Bo Levi fits… It’s not just about the defence stopping them, but you guys can write it that way…

All I can say about those quotes is:

download (1)

Here’s a recap of this past weekend’s games:

  • Montreal: what the heck??  You win in BC for the first time since 2000, and the next day you fire your coach.  The timing stinks, even if that decision was made prior to the game.  You don’t even have a bye this week to get adjusted to the new coach.  I maintain, though, that Jim Popp, the Als GM and now interim Head Coach, realllllllllllllllllllllly wants to be a Head Coach, because (I think) this is the 4th time he’s jettisoned a coach in midseason and appointed himself as the replacement.  It has not worked out very well for him in the past.  I can recognize a fellow control freak, and Jim Popp is definitely one of our kind.  Meanwhile, the Lions truly suck without reigning MVP and defensive Jedi (I have no idea if that’s the correct use of that word) Solomon Elimimian in the middle.  Although I think they sucked before Elimimian went down, as Le Grand Orange is more of Le Terrible Orange these days.
  • What do I keep saying?  I keep saying that MATTY ICE is not a good QB.  The Schmoes are stupid if they don’t start James Franklin next week.  However, apparently he has a lung contusion, so starting him would actually be stupid in this case.  Regardless, the Schmoes’ defence was shredded by the Kitty Cats, and you must asdmit that Sad Sack Collaros is the best QB in the CFL these days.  Right now, I foresee a Stumps-Kitty Cats rematch in November.  YUCK.
  • Again, full points to the Riders’ offence for its effort on Saturday night.  I question some of the playcalling late in the game (like, why not run Messam?), but overall, I thought it was an inspired effort by QB Brett Smith and company.  The special teams finally showed signs of life with a blocked punt returned for a TD that a thing of beauty.  Coach Chamblin: watch Jock Climie’s half-time rant on TSN that eviscerated your defensive scheme.  It’s still far too soft, especially in the middle.  That final drive by the Stumps was heart-sickening.
  • Didn’t watch the game between Ottawa and Toronto.  Instead, I sat in a beautiful tea room, surrounded by far too much pink, where I was forced to listen to Michael Bubbly non-stop for over five hours.  I expect it was still much better than the football game.

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