Week 9 Preview

‎So I was trying to figure out what to write last night, as I couldn’t find any good pictures and it’s been a rather slow news week in the CFL.

And then I tuned into CFL 30.

CFL 30 is a half hour show on TSN that shows highlights from the week’s games, interspersed with interviews and the like. The best part, though, is that TSN mics up a player and follows them around with a camera each game, and then shows excerpts during the highlights.

For the Rider game, rookie QB Brett Smith was mic’ed up, and it was sooooooooo worth it.

First interesting tidbit: Smith and OL Dan Clark have a budding bromance. There were a lot of “I love you”s between the two throughout the game, and a lot of hugging. It was really sweet. At one point Smith whispers in Clark’s ear, “Let’s make history.”  Not sure what type of history he was referring to, though.  I leave that up to you.

An odd moment: at one point Smith says to a fellow Rider, “You look good today by the way” and commented on something he was wearing (I think. It was a bit muffled at that point).

BESTEST MOMENT: After his first TD, Smith was obviously a bit amped up. As he walks off the field, Offensive Co-ordinator Jacques Chapdelaine puts his arm around Smith like this:

download (3)

And then he says this:

“You’re gonna do a lot of good things today, but you’re going to have to settle down a bit, okay? It’s exciting and all that, but after the game we can go and have an orange pop together.”

I listened to the exchange at least a dozen times, and that’s what I heard each and every time.

There is SO MUCH to unpack here because Chapdelaine sounds like a father talking to his 6 year old during a t-ball game. And there are SO MANY questions about this short exchange. Does Chapdelaine always have an orange pop with his starting QB after a game? Is this something Smith asked for prior to the game? And what IS an ‘orange pop’?  Is it just an Orange Crush, or is it a code phrase for something else?  SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Derek Myers of Global and Murray McCormick of the Leader-Post: you are clearly the most useless and easily-distracted sports reporters out there, so I implore you to ask these questions of Smith and Chapdelaine ‎during tomorrow’s scrum.  Asking said questions would be better than the usual junk you throw out there.

week 7

And here’s a preview of this week’s games:

  • Rakeem ‘The Dream’ got Tom Higgins, aka Flanders, fired. Not really, but it sounds right. So this game marks the beginning of Jim ‘Wannabe Coach’ Popp ‘s tenure as the Als’ Head Coach. Meanwhile, the Kitty Cats are cruisin’. I predict that Popp Top’s debut is not going to go well. Prediction: Hamilton by 20
  • The Schmoes’ defence was humiliated by the Kitty Cats last week. And despite a lung contusion‎, James Franklin will get his first CFL start because MATTY ICE was more like MATTY BLECH last week. I endorsed this move before the whole lung contusion thing. Now I’m not so sure. The Arblows haven’t been quite as sharp the last couple of weeks, squeaking out wins against the Riders and the RODBLACKS. Hmmmm – who to pick… Prediction: Toronto by 4
  • The Stumps escaped with a win last week, but lucky for them, the Bumblers are still without Free Willy and 3rd stringer Startin’ Marve gets his second start. ‎That’s all I’ve got. Prediction: Calgary by 15
  • The RODBLACKS definitely play better at home. The Riders still suck, but they sucked a ‎lot less last week. But, given the way this season has gone, the Riders will probably let Smilin’ Hank have a career day. Nevertheless… Prediction: Riders by 5

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