“Baby, Hit Me One More Time”

Social media has been absolutely lighting up in the wake of the Riders’ recent loss to Ottawa and the subsequent firing of Corey Chamblin and Brendan Taman.  Let’s take a look at the best comments, photos and the like.

(WARNING: language NSFW)

On Tino Sunseri and the Benching of Brett Smith

Tino got hit a lot on Sunday.  A LOT…

…which caused Rider fans much exasperation…


…and frustration.

Tino was so bad that even FANS FROM OPPOSING TEAMS were annoyed with him.


One even suspected Chamblin was trying to sabotage his own team…


…while another just thought Tino enjoyed eating turf.


Other fans offered helpful advice…

let it go

…while others complemented Tino’s compassion and support for Purolator Tackle Hunger.


Regardless, it became rather apparent that Tino just wasn’t ready.

On the firing of Corey Chamblin and Brendan Taman

Rider fans were a little bit angry after the Ottawa game…

…but Chamblin and Taman held on to each other.


Rider fans swarmed the airwaves, social media, and every other forum…


…and they encourage the Riders to take a chance…


…and then they heard these precious words:


But fans weren’t so cruel as to not think of their future.  One fan thought Brendan Taman might do well as the Trivago man.

taman's new job

On second thought…NO.  There’s already one annoying Trivago man; the world doesn’t need another.


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