CFL Picks – Week 11

It’s been a bit of a weird week here in Riderville, so it’s time to get back on track.  As it’s nearly Labour Day (yeah, already!), things get serious in the CFL from here on out, as there’s history to make.


Here are this week’s games:


And here’s this week’s preview:

  • Tanner Marsh gets the starts for Les Alouettes tonight while Rakeem ‘The Dream’ Cato left the team to deal with a personal problem. Jeff Tedford’s Lions haven’t been very fierce this season, while the Alouettes are on an improbable two game winning streak. After knocking off those (former) league-leading Kitty Cats last week, and winning in BC the week before for the first time in 15 years, the Als look to pick up some momentum in the playoff race. Given the way the Cowardly Lions, Bumblers and Riders are playing, an Eastern crossover might be a possibility, so every win the Alouettes can get against the cellar dwellers in the West increases their chances of making the playoffs. The Leos have been very quiet thus far in 2015, and that concerns me. But then Emmanuel Arceneaux opened his big mouth and said this:
    This just isn’t going to help the Leos’ cause, so I’m picking the Alouettes. Prediction: Montreal by 5
  • I have HOPE, people! There is HOPE! While I’m not expecting my Riders to rattle off nine straight wins, I feel like the franchise has turned a corner and that better days are ahead. As for the Bumblers, wellllllllllllllllll…let’s just say this:
  • 1990

    It looks like MATTY ICE won’t be starting for the Bumblers (too bad!) and Robert Marve is hurt, so it’s back to Brian Boo-rohm.  Prediction: Riders by 10

  • The Kitty Cats are going to be TICKED after losing to the lowly Als last week. Toronto, meanwhile, has had a nice break and a bit of a chance to rest some dinged up players. I think the ‘Cats are a much better team than the Arblows, but Toronto has been a lot more resilient than I ever would’ve thought without one Ricky Ray. However, the ‘Cats are playing at home, and they’re going to want to re-establish home field advantage.   Plus, it looks like the Arblows are planning on desecrating a Kitty Cat car, and that means war!carPrediction: Hamilton by 12

  • The Stumps are getting their mojo back, and just in time for the fall playoff run. As the Schmoes traded MATTY ICE to the Bumblers, James Franklin is ‘the guy’ in Edmonton. Franklin shows a lot of promise, but the Stumps now have film on him and a Rich Stubler defence is a lot more formidable than a Casey Creehan defence. Then again, Franklin does have that whole ‘youthful ignorance’ thing going for him. If this game was in Edmonton, I’d be willing to give the Schmoes more of a chance. But since it’s in Calgary, I’ve gotta go with the Stumps. Prediction: Calgary by 6

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