Week 12 Recap – Rematches Galore

There’s isn’t a much more difficult task in the CFL than beating the same team two weeks in row.

But before we get to that, let’s examine the antics of one Kent Austin.

Kent Austin is a jerk.  He was a self-admitted jerk during his playing days:

I was a jerk when I played, let’s be honest,” Austin told the Leader-Post’s Darrell Davis as the 2007 Grey Cup game approached. “Just say it the way it is. It’s true.”

These days, he’s also a grouch.  A grump.  A curmudgeon.  

I can imagine him saying, “Who me?


Yeah, you!  Let’s look at the evidence.

Remember this tantrum?

Then there was his meltdown after the 2013 Grey Cup when he went after Hamilton reporter Drew Edwards:

He later apologized:

“And Drew, I also was, my demeanour at that question, it wasn’t…I was just very, very frustrated at that point and upset about the game, so I apologize to you as well.”

An anonymous CFL coach had this to say last season when Austin’s sideline antics were getting out of hand:

(Kent) Austin’s act is getting old. It’s embarrassing. Bitching at his players, screaming at the officials every series. Same crap in league meetings. Rolling his eyes, pissed off when we don’t do things his way. I didn’t say anything but I probably wasn’t the only person in the room thinking hope this guy leaves the CFL again …

And then this happened during Friday night’s game in Toronto:

After the game, Austin wasn’t exactly apologetic:

But on Sunday, he issued an apology:


I imagine the league will fine him, but this incident just continues to cement Austin’s status as a first-rate jerk.

UPDATE: The CFL has fined Austin $5,000 for the incident.

Now let’s take a look at the actual games from this past weekend:


A couple of weeks ago, I noted that the Arblows had bought a Kitty Cat car and were planning on doing something nefarious to it.  This is what happened:

In a nice twist, the money spent on the car was given to charity.  See – rivalries aren’t all bad!

1024px-Broom_icon.svgThe biggest news out of this game, though, was the continuing dominance of the Kitty Cats.  While Friday night’s game was a much closer affair than the previous week’s, Hamilton continues to roll, much to my annoyance.

This game had it all: turnovers, controversial calls, big plays and lots of drama as the Arblows tried to score a tying TD in the final seconds of the game.

By beating the Arblows this weekend, the Kitty Cats completed a season sweep of their Ontario cousins.  The Arblows have now lost three in a row, and you have to wonder if Arblows’ Head Coach Scott Milanovich will turn to Ricky Ray to get his team out of this slide.

Final: Hamilton 35, Toronto 27


The CFL should find all tapes of this game and BURN THEM.

intelligent lifeNO ONE should be forced to watch the absolute joke of a game that was the Banjo Bowl – except for the players.  The Riders should be forced to watch it every day this week  on a continual loop as punishment.

This game was sloppy.  And it wasn’t just the teams’ play that was poor.  The refereeing was atrocious.  At one point, the referees spent at least five minutes trying to figure out ONE penalty that occurred on a punt return.  They first called it on the Riders, even though it was clearly committed by the Bumblers.  So they marched the football down the field.  Then they realized that they were wrong.  So they marched the football back down the field.  It would’ve been comical if it wouldn’t have been so indicative of the ridiculousness that is refereeing in the CFL these days.

uHM6Po0The good news for the Riders was that their defence appears to have found its turnover game, forcing 5 turnovers in the first half. Unfortunately the offence chose this game to have it potentially worst showing of the season.  Let’s put it this way: the Blue Jays played two games on the same day, and they managed to score more runs in BOTH games than the Riders did in one.  The biggest issue was that the offensive line might as well not have been on the field.  QB Brett Smith had little time to throw the ball.  The game plan was also suspect.  When a team is continually able to penetrate the middle of your offensive line, wouldn’t you start moving the ball outside?  I would.

This game can really be summed up as follows:

The Riders’ poor effort meant that MATTY ICE got his first win as a Bumbler QB.  And I FINALLY figured out what it is about MATTY ICE that irritates me so much.

It’s his facial hair.


Either grow a full goatee or shave off that crap on your chin.  It’s so gross.

Anyway, Bumbler fans are probably grateful to the Riders for giving them a chance to get back on track and in the hunt for a playoff spot in the West Division.  They are also desperate enough for a Grey Cup that they’re probably planning their teams’ Grey Cup parade route right now.

Final: Saskatchewan 7, Winnipeg 22


backI like to think that the rain that pelted Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday night was the tears of Jon Cornish.  Or maybe they were my tears because he’s returning.  It’s been so nice not having to hear his name week after week.

Moving on.

Mike Reilly came back this week and it was pretty clear that he’s the Schmoes’ leader.  However, I wonder if his knee is truly healed…

Coming into this game, the Schmoes had lost twelve (yes, 12) straight games to their southern frenemies, which is kind of hard to believe.

The first half was a defensive battle, as both teams had trouble moving the ball with any success.  In an impressive showing, the Schmoes held Bovine Mitchell to a whole 14 yards in the first quarter.

The Schoes relied on big plays and big games from Adarius Bowman and Kenny Stafford, both of whom had over 100 receiving yards.  The Stumps’ defence gave up a lot of big plays, which is rather uncharacteristic for that squad.

As much as I’d rather have these teams beat each other to the point where neither can win and both have to take a loss, the Schmoes’ win was worth it for this:


Final: Calgary 16, Edmonton 27


The RODBLACKS deserved to win this game from the outset.  They absolutely dominated the Lions in time of possession, yards of offence and nearly every other statistic.

fear the beardWhat kept BC in this game was the punt return heroics of one Chris Rainey.


Rainey had two sensational punts returns, including one that put the Lions at the RODBLACKS’ one yard line.  And BC being what it is this year, took three tries to put the ball in the end zone.

Aside: Why do teams think it’s a good idea to hand off the ball five yards behind the line of scrimmage when they’re already on the one yard line?  

This was the first time an Ottawa team has won in BC since 1990.

In 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, ‘The Simpsons’ started airing on FOX, the Berlin Wall came down, Nelson Mandela was released from prison, and one of the most popular films that year was ‘Home Alone’.  The first one.

A couple of weeks ago, the Alouettes snapped a fifteen year (!) losing streak at BC Place.  With Ottawa’s win this weekend, it’s pretty clear that the Lions don’t have much of a home field advantage any more.

Final: Ottawa 31, BC 18


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