Week 13 Picks

There are many things that I do not understand.

I do not understand Snapchat.  Or Minecraft.  But apparently someone built a replica of Taylor Field in Minecraft and then posted a screenshot of said replica on Snapchat.


I also do not understand why everybody is all excited about sports teams getting ‘8-bit treatment.’  Would you prefer the original Nintendo version of Ice Hockey or NHL 16?  Okay, maybe that’s a bad comparison.


They’re cute and all, but I just don’t understand the rage.

What I do know, though, is that I miss my Riders.  My 2013 Riders.  The other night, ‘Journey to the Cup’ was on for the 2013 Riders, and I got more than a little nostalgic.


Here are this week’s games:

Week 13

BC at Calgary

There’s trouble in the BC locker room.  After last week’s loss, RB Andrew Harris, who had a whole THREE YARDS in that game, stormed out of the locker room WITHOUT SHOWERING and without talking to the media.  I’m not sure why the whole ‘not showering’ thing was such a big deal, but it came up a lot.  Harris’ response? “I didn’t realy sweat, so I didn’t need to shower.”

Harris admits he’s pretty frustrated with the BC Lions’ offence.  And he’s not the only frustrated Lion.

And things don’t get easier for the Lions this week, either, as they’re on the road facing the Stumps.  And some guy named Jon is going to play for the Stumps again after missing a few weeks.

Good luck, Lions.  You’re gonna need a whole whack of it.

Prediction: Calgary by a country mile, being 16 points

Edmonton at Hamilton

As much as I hate to admit it, this could be a potential Grey Cup preview.





As you can tell, I’m not all that enthused about this possibility.  Besides, there’d be too much clashing between their uniforms – too much gold.

Anyway, the Schmoes are a different team when Broke Pierce 2.0, also known as Mike Reilly, is playing.  But they will be in tough this week as they’re not only on the road, but playing in THE DONUT BOX.  How Canadian is that, eh?

The key match-ups in this game are in the trenches: the team whose offensive line better protects its QB is the team that will win.  And I think it’ll be Hamilton.

Prediction: Hamilton by 3

Ottawa at Saskatchewan

I’m not sure I agree with this move.  Kevin Glenn has been great this year, but Kevin Glenn is not going to be starting for the Saskatchewan Roughriders next year.

At least, I hope not.

The season is lost.  The season is done.  The season is OVER.  It’s time to see what the young’uns can do and use these last seven games as auditions for next season.  Playing veterans just to try to win a few games to placate the fans doesn’t do anything for the franchise’s long-term growth.

However, some people are wondering if the Riders are playing KG in a bid to up his trade value and see if they can get something for him before the trade deadline.  The problem with that theory is that there isn’t a team that would deal for him.  BC axed KG after last season.  The Schmoes and Stumps are set.  The Bumblers now have Free Willy AND MATTY ICE.  Collaros and Harris have southern Ontario covered, and KG got traded by the REDBLACKS last year.  The only other possibility is Montreal, as they’re in a playoff race, but I can’t see Popp Topp trading for a 36 year old QB.

The REDBLACKS absolutely embarrassed the Riders the last time these two teams met.  That game was the last one for former Head Coach Corey Chamblin and former GM Brendan Taman.  The Riders have won one game since then.  And lost yet another one.  Badly.

Playing at home this week with their veteran QB back, I expect the Riders to actually put up a fight.  The defence has been better, and the offence should be in good hands.  Special teams continues to get the job done.  Maybe – JUST MAYBE – the Riders will actually get all three phases functioning at an adequate level in the same game for the first time this season.


Prediction: Riders by 4 because I need a win!

Winnipeg at Montreal

This is the ‘WHO CARES??’ game of the week.  But even though both of these teams aren’t that good, they’re both still in contention for a playoff spot.


Anyway, Rakeem ‘The Dream’ Cato is back with the Als this week after taking some time off to deal with a personal matter.  Meanwhile, Jonathan ‘Straight Outta’ Crompton (maybe I should go back to his original nickname – Goldilocks), is back practicing with the team after being on the six game injured list.  He’s looks great, non?

MATTY ICE gets his second straight start, and you know what?  All he needed was a fresh start.

Apparently.  And apparently those of us who don’t think much of Matt Nichols as a QB should be ashamed.

Matt Nichols is the new version of Kevin Glenn.  But not as good.

Prediction: Montreal by 2


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