Week 13 Recap – The Year of the 3rd Stringer Continues

If last year was the year of the backup QB, this year is the year of the backup’s backup, aka the 3rd stringer.

starting qbsThis season, the Road to the Grey Cup is basically a war of attrition, as the team with the healthiest QB is likely going to win the Grey Cup.

If my memory is correct, more than half of the teams in the CFL have had to rely upon their 3rd stringer this season largely due to QB injuries.

BC – Travis ‘Le Grand Orange’ Lulay started the year, but hurt his knee a couple of weeks ago.  John Beck, The Ancient One, started a couple of games before being injured in Friday night’s loss to the Stumps.  Jonathan Jennings played the rest of the game.

Edmonton – Mike Reilly, aka Broke Pierce 2.0, got hurt in the season opener against the Arblows.  MATTY ICE started a number of games until he was supplanted by James ‘Turtle’ Franklin.

Saskatchewan – Darian Durant ruptured his Achilles tendon in the first half of the first game of the season.  Kevin Glenn then injured a pectoral muscle, causing him to sit out six games.  Brett Smith ended up starting five games for the Riders until Glenn came off the six-game injured list.  And Tino Sunseri played a half or two something in there.

Winnipeg – While Bumblers fans basked in the injury to Durant, karma eventually came back to bite them in their collective ass as ‘Free’ Drew Willy seriously injured his knee.  He’s likely out for the season.  Brian Boo-rohm had a go as QB 1, as did Robert Marve.  Now MATTY ICE is taking snaps from the Bumblers’ centre.

sad sack is sickMontreal – Jonathan ‘Straight Outta’ Crompton injured his shoulder in the first game of the first season, and backup QB Tanner Marsh did the same thing.  In the same game.  Rakeem ‘The Dream’ Cato led the Als for the first half of the season before having to leave the team to deal with family issues.  He’s now back, but Crompton is also off the injured list and back in a starting role.

‘Sad Sack’ Zach Collaros injured his ACL on his left knee this weekend, making him the 6th starting QB to go down to injury this year.  Welcome to the club, Hamilton.

I went 2/4 with my picks this week.  I could’ve easily been 4/4 had Collaros not gone down and the Riders actually capitalized on a bunch of turnovers by the RODBLACKS.

Who am I kidding?  The Riders were never going to win.

Let’s take a look back at this past weekend’s games.rainey reigns

BC at Calgary

The only reason the Cowardly Lions were even in this game was because Special Team Superstar Chris Rainey returned two kicks for TDs and put up a combined 300+ yards on kick returns.

That is insane.

The Stumps didn’t exactly help themselves.  Jon Cornhole was fairly quiet in his return to action, and Bovine Mitchell continues his sophomore slump. See the terrible pass he threw below.  I admit, though, that Mitchell’s version of a sophomore slump is what Bumbler fans would consider a dream season by a QB.  Clearly their expectations are low.

bad passIt was a big night for both teams’ receivers, as each team had a receiver with more than 100 yards receiving in the game. Obviously it wasn’t as good of a game for the defensive secondaries.

The Stumps may not be as dominant as they have been in years past, but they’re winning more often than not and continue to sit atop the CFL’s West Division.  But the Schmoes are hot on their heels.

Final: BC 23, Calgary 35

Edmonton at Hamilton

7/22 for 49 yards and one interception

Would it surprise you to learn that this was the stat line of the WINNING QB in this game?

It should.

I’m convinced the Kitty Cats would’ve won this game had Zach Collaros not been hurt, as the Schmoes’ offence was as putrid as the Riders’ was when it was led by Tino Sunseri.

The Schmoes ought to be thanking their lucky stars that they won this game, as they had to rely on not one, but TWO pick-sixes by their defence.


Final: Edmonton 25, Hamilton 18

chickOttawa at Saskatchewan

winI don’t know what to say anymore – except what I’ve saying all year.

When your defence gives up nearly 500 receiving yards, it’s tough to win games.

When your offence doesn’t capitalize on turnovers, it’s tough to win games.

When your special teams unit makes boneheaded mistakes, it’s tough to win games.

This game was the Riders’ for the taking, and they blew it.  Again.

In all honesty, though, I can’t say that I was all that surprised.  As Little Miss CFL’s Mom said: “They’ve forgotten how to win.

True that.

Final: Ottawa 30, Saskatchewan 27

Winnipeg at Montreal

I had the not so great pleasure of listening to the Montreal feed while I was on the road on Sunday afternoon.  I’ve never heard such colourless colour commentary.  However, I did learn that another nickname for Les Alouettes is the Angry Birds. I’m going to use that.

The best part of the broadcast, by far, was hearing the Alouettes’ broadcaster yell each time MATTY ICE ‘kissed the turf.’ Should I still be ashamed of thinking that MATTY ICE isn’t capable.  Admittedly his receivers let him down at times today, as did the special teams coverage.

Stef Logan had a great day returning kicks, as he ran back one for a TD and amassed 200 yards in kick returns.  Not quite Chris Rainey pace, but impressive all the same.

ASIDE: When did we start referring to him as ‘Stef’?  I noticed Rod Black calling him ‘Stef’ earlier, but now I’ve actually seen ‘Stef Logan’ in writing on the CFL Facebook page.  Did he request to be referred to as ‘Stef’ only?  I really need to know because every time I hear it, I want to yell, ‘IT’S STEFAN!

The Bumblers were decidedly awful, and the honeymoon is over for MATTY ICE.  At one point he hurt his knee and came out for a couple of plays.  I bet he was wishing he actually was hurt so that he didn’t have to return.  For the 2453rd time: MATTY ICE is not a starting QB.

Final: Winnipeg 14, Montreal 35


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