Week 14 Picks

Another ho-hum week in the CFL.  Another QB done for the season.

Or maybe I’m just jaded because my poor Riders are done, DONE, D.O.N.E.

There’s been some talk this week about what the Riders should do now that they’re down and very, very out of contention. But that’s bo-oring.

So let’s talk about curses instead.

This was posted by a fan on CFL Reddit.  I don’t really believe in curses, but there are one or two intriguing coincidences here (BTW, all spelling/grammar mistakes below are the poster’s, not mine):

I cannot help but think that the Roughriders have been cursed by the Ottawa Redblacks.  It has to do entirely with who should use of the name Roughriders/Rough Riders name.

We must simply look at the Roughriders history of losing in the Grey Cup to Ottawa.

  • 1969 — Defeated by Ottawa
  • 1976 — Defeated by Tony Gabriel
  • 1997 — Defeated by the Argonauts. No coincidence this is the first year Ottawa is out of the league.
  • 2002 — Ottawa rejoins the CFL — Nealon Greene becomes the starter in Saskatchewan. Henry Burris, also a Roughrider, experiments with the NFL. Kevin Glenn watches from the sidelines of Taylor Field.
  • 200x? — In one of these years.. Nealon Greene is named the starter in Saskatchewan. Has an illustrious CFL career.
  • 2004 — Burris/McCallum fall short in the Western Final.
  • 2007 — Somehow Kevin Glenn breaks his arm and the Roughriders fluke a Grey Cup win. A parting gift from Ottawa as Joseph was once their QB.
  • 2008 — Ottawa CFL is awarded a franchise. Kerry Joseph is ran out of town by Eric Tillman (who is also ran out of town). A zillion Roughriders break their leg.
  • 2009 — One week after the vote/approval of Landsdowne Live the Roughriders had the whole 13th man debacle happen.
  • 2010 — Jeff Hunt announces Saskatchewan will not like Ottawa be the Rough Riders.
  • 2011 — They suck and no longer sell out. Bandwagon much?
  • 2013 — Win the Grey Cup at home.
  • 2013/14 — Former Roughrider QBs Kevin Glenn and Henry Burris sign in Ottawa.
  • 2014 — Dressler and Sheets sign in the NFL. A number of other FA causalities have happened.

It isn’t the most poetic list…but I am positive the Roughriders will be cursed moving forward. They have had too many negative things happen to them because of Ottawa.

At this point, I’m just about ready to believe any theory as to why the Riders suck.  It’s easier than realizing the franchise is in rebuilding mode and that there may be more than a few years of futility ahead.

If you want more conspiracy theories and the like, head on over to CFL Conspiracies (FYI: some content NSFW).

Here are this week’s games:

Week 14

What follows are my picks for this week.

Calgary at Winnipeg

Looking at the Bumblers’ Facebook page (goodness my life is sad), there seem to be a lot of quotes about the need to win.

We need to win now.” – Nick Moore on facing Calgary tomorrow.

It’s very important. We need to win.” – Coach O’Shea wants redemption tomorrow night.

When you’ve only got 8 points, i.e. 4 wins, yeah, you kind of need to win.  Especially when you still have a shot at a playoff spot.

But I believe I have figured out why the Bumblers are having so much trouble yet again this year.  They’re delusional.  Exhibit “A”:


Your team has four (4) wins.  4 FREAKING WINS.  AND YOU’RE NOT THE UNDERDOG????

Just one more reason to intensely dislike MATTY ICE, besides that grossness continues to exist on his chin.

Thank goodness that this person, though, said what we’re all thinking:


Prediction: Calgary by at 10 – if the Bumblers are lucky

BC at Edmonton


Wally Buono, or ‘Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly’ as he’s affectionately referred to by the denizens of Taylor Field, was inducted into the Order of Canada this week.

There’s gotta be a joke in there somewhere…

Anyway, the Cowardly Lions face a pretty tough test as they head into Commonwealth Stadium.  They, too, need a win, as they are tied with the Bumblers for third in the West Division and are fighting for a playoff spot.


If the playoffs started today, LES ALOUETTES would claim third place in the West Division.

That’s right.  The crossover is in play again – but this time the threat is that an EASTERN team will crossover into the West for the first time in league history.

Do I like the Leos?  Absolutely not.  Do I like the Bumblers?  Hellllllllllllllllll to the no.  But I will swallow my disgust and distaste for both teams and cheer them on in order to prevent a crossover by the (L)East Division.  

Geography is apparently a rather strong tie.  Huh.

Anyway, if the Leos want to have a chance at winning, they’re going to have to rely on their not-so-secret weapon, Chris Rainey, who is having the year that Chris Williams is wishing he had.

But the Leos will probably still lose anyway.

Prediction: Edmonton by 7

Toronto at Ottawa


Can a team that isn’t even two seasons old already have ‘rivals’?

This may be more of an existential question, and a rather heavy one for a Friday morning, but I do wonder if it’s possible.

I think the Hamilton-Toronto rivalry makes more sense given the fact that the teams have actually managed to keep from folding – unlike the Rough Riders/Renegades/RODBLACKS.  And geographically, they’re a lot closer.

I’m all for rivalries.  Enemies are excellent.  They keep you on your toes and bring intrigue and excitement.  But I’m not feeling it with these two teams yet.  Especially when Ottawa’s leader is a geriatric in football years.

Give it a few years, people.  Rivalries can’t be forced, you know.

Prediction: Ottawa by 2

Montreal at Saskatchewan

download (3)The Riders are going to lose.

There.  Now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a minute and go back a few weeks…

In my Week 9 preview, I talked about watching CFL 30 and how a somewhat strange conversation between Rider QB Brett Smith and Offensive Coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine took place.  And remember the hug?

This was the most important part of the conversation, if you will recall:

“You’re gonna do a lot of good things today, but you’re going to have to settle down a bit, okay? It’s exciting and all that, but after the game we can go and have an orange pop together.”


11180329_10156049225070444_6153648141015983353_nTHEY HAD AN ORANGE POP TOGETHER!

This is serious vindication for me, considering that I thought I was hearing things.  And finding this picture of them *actually* having an orange pop made me rather giddy.

This is the best Riders news I’ve heard and/or seen all week.

Prediction: Montreal by 5


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