Pre-Season Game 1: Post-Mortem



That was the sound of the power going out at Mosaic Stadium on Sturday night.  And in true Saskatchewan style, the source was a confetti canon.


That ‘other’ oof sound you heard was the sound of the blow to both BJ Coleman’s and Brett Smith’s chances of being a starter in the CFL anytime soon.

Coach wasn’t exactly impressed, either:


So let’s get on with Things That Worked and Things That Didn’t.

Things That Worked:

  1. Offensive line – From what I could tell.
  2. Defensive line – Was that a legit pass rush?!?!
  3. Punting – Nobody shanked the ball.
  4. Rob Bagg – Had a beauty 50 yard plus run on one of the opening plays of the game.
  5. Linebackers – We may have an *actual* middle linebacker now.
  6. Run defence – Didn’t notice the Riders get run on too much.

Things That Didn’t Work:

  1. Quarterbacking – BJ Coleman has a good arm and nice pocket presence, but he kept throwing to the wrong team; however, the last interception wasn’t his fault – the receiver should’ve caught.  As for Brett Smith, I expected far more from him given that he has about half a season’s worth of starts under his figurative belt.  He could not stay in the pocket and plays broke down time and time again.
  2. Receivers – Guys, you’ve gotta help out your QB by catching the catchable ones.
  3. Penalties – Too many.  But it wasn’t anywhere close to the 50+ plus flags from last year’s first pre-season game.
  4. Return game – The returners had nowhere to run.
  5. This play:



It was great to see a lot of energy out on the field, something that was lacking as the 2015 season wound down.  The line play was solid and bodes well going into the season.  As for the offence, the jury is out until we see QB Darian Durant back in action next week.

Random observations from other CFL pre-season games and happenings around the league:

  1. I don’t think Kevin Glenn expected to get knocked around as much as he did on Thursday night.
  2. The Blue Bombers should be fun to watch.  Blue Bomber FANS, on the other hand, are already insufferable.
  3. It was great to see a good crowd on hand for the Argos’ first game at BMO Field.

Now introducing a new segment highlighting the inane comments and observations that the CFL on TSN broadcasters make on a weekly basis.

(I’m working on a title for this segment.  Would Dumb and Dumber be too harsh?)

TSN continues to employ Rod Black as a play-by-play man on a weekly basis, whether we like it or not.  TSN also seems to think that Matt Dunigan still has something to say, so he’s also hanging around.  As a result, the CFL on TSN team is generally good for about two or three ridiculous off the cuff moments each week.  The pre-season is no exception:

  1. Before the Rider game, Chris Schultz compares Chris Jones to a scientist, taking players and looking at them under a microscope in a petri dish.  Matt Dunigan, in his infinite childishness, laughs at the phrase ‘petri dish’.
  2. Glen Suitor and Rod Black talk about doing squat thrusts during the power outage at Mosaic.  Yuck.
  3. Rod Black on the purpose of the pre-season: “I think pre-season football is what it is…because it gives you a sense of what’s ahead.” Well…
  4. Glen Suitor’s new term: the Google player.  It refers to an unknown player who shines in a pre-season game so much so that everyone has to Google him after the game.
  5. Rod Black’s voice has cracked numerous times already.  AWESOME.

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