2016 Week 2 Recap

So that was an eventful weekend.

The Alouettes’ Duron Carter started a melee, the BC Lions shockingly destroyed the Tiger-Cats, and Darian Durant made it through an entire game for the first time since Labour Day 2014.

The only unsurprising thing was that the Bombers continue to suck.

(Some things never change, eh?)

Let’s start with Duron Carter.  Here’s his TD catch that started it all:

First and foremost, that head hit was ridiculous.  Guys should start getting ejected for those types of hits.

(Sorry – it wasn’t a high hit to the head but to the “head area“.  Not sure how the “head area” is different from one’s head.  Nevertheless, a fine was issued later on for the hit.)

So Carter scores and decides to walk by Ottawa HC Rick Campbell.  And he knocks Campbell to the ground.  Then he parades through the Ottawa bench.  During the broadcast, Rod Black comments that this is “probably uncalled for”.


What’s interesting to me is that opinion was divided as to whether or not Campbell (a) deserved to be hit because he was on the field of play; and (b) whether or not Campbell embellished the hit.

Campbell was fined for the incident, specifically for not doing “more to avoid contact with the player.”


Now I don’t like it when coaches are on the field.  Heck, I yelled at Jim Barker to get off the field when the Argos were in town last week.  But there was absolutely no reason for Duron Carter to make contact with Rick Campbell and walk through the REDBLACKS’ bench.

If the CFL wants to send a message to coaches telling them to stay off the field, then start flagging them.  A 10 yard penalty once or twice a game will get them to back off fast.  I don’t think this was Campbell’s fault, but as Gary Lawless wrote this past weekend:

It’s unclear whether Campbell leaned into Carter or flopped after the bump. What is overtly apparent is the coach was on the field, and while that’s become common practice, it’s still a rules infraction. Coaches have to be above this sort of thing. They have to make sure they’re not involved. Wrong place and wrong time? Maybe. So don’t be in the wrong place.

As for Carter?  He’ll be sitting out next week.

And in the CFL, that’s about as big a punishment as you’ll see.

This week was a bit better for me, as I went 2/4 with my picks.  That brings me up to whopping 2/8 this season.


Let’s take a look at the games that were.


Early on, it didn’t look like it was the REDBLACKS’ night.

But it all ended up okay.

It wasn’t a pretty game, but the REDBLACKS got the job done.

As for the Alouettes, it was a costly game.  Not only did Duron Carter get ejected, but receiver SJ Green and RB Tyrell Sutton both suffered major injuries.  Green completed the worst trifecta for an athlete by tearing his MCL, PCL AND ACL.  He’s done for the year.  As for Sutton, he sprained his MCL and has been placed on the six game injured list.

QB Kevin Glenn also went down for a series in the first half and was replaced by Rakeem Cato.

At least the Alouettes have Nik Lewis.



CmPnOGqVYAAOgqJ (1).jpeg

Why yes it is!

While I’ll break this game down a little later this week, it really came down to three plays:

Those three plays specifically?  1) A 57-yard punt return by Toronto’s Larry Taylor to the Rider 5-yard line on only the game’s fourth play, 2) A 56-yard touchdown reception by Toronto’s Vidal Hazelton on just their second series putting the Argos up 14-0 and 3) A 27-yard “scoop and score” by Toronto safety Matt Black – after a fumble by back-up Rider quarterback Bryant Moniz – which put the Argos up 21-7 late in the second quarter.

But take heart, Rider fans.  The offence consistently moved the ball, and the defence got stronger as the game went along.  All in all, I was pleasantly surprised.

And to see Darian Durant healthy again and throwing like this?

I think it bodes well for the rest of the season.



First off: these uniforms are just fugly.  How many different shades of orange can one team have?

But I digress.

When I looked at the odds of this game on game day, Hamilton was favoured by -6.5 points.

Hamilton got beat by 25 points.

For awhile, though, it didn’t look like anybody wanted to win this game.  Field goals were missed (4 in total), fumbles were made, and the score resembled that of a baseball game for the first half.

But then the Lions got serious, starting with this ridiculous catch by Nick Moore:

And after that, it was allllllll BC.

When you look at the Tiger-Cats’ stats for the game, though, you wouldn’t think that the team had only managed three point:

  • Jeremiah Masoli – 26/39 with 248 yards;
  • CJ Gable – 48 yards rushing;
  • Chad Owens – 69 yards receiving;
  • Andy Fantuz – 47 yards receiving;
  • Luke Tasker – 70 yards receiving; and
  • John Chick – 2 fumble recoveries.

But unfortunately the Tiger-Cats couldn’t get past the Lions’ defence:

And that was the ball game.



I’m pretty sure the CFL’s social media team got a little flack for this post:

But it’s true!

It was not a good night for the Bombers.

Bomber fans are already calling for HC Mike O’Shea to be fired.

Over at the Blue Bomber forum, we’ve got more of the same, as well as fans asking how much more time Drew Willy gets to prove himself before MATTY ICE gets a chance.  And then there are those who want BOTH O`Shea and Willy gone.


Now I’m not a Bomber fan, but even I think Bomber fans are getting a little ahead of themselves.  It’s only the second game of the season.  Plus, Weston Dressler is supposed to save the Bombers from themselves and it looks like he’ll play this upcoming week.

As for the Stampeders, well, there would’ve been a lot of concern had they not buried the Bombers like they did.  The score flattered the Bombers because the Stamps let up in the fourth quarter and allowed the Bombers to score 15 unanswered points in garbage time.

Bo Levi Mitchell had himself a solid game, and the Stamps got Jerome Messam going, as he had 137 yards on the ground.




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