2016 Week 3 Recap



There were seven fumbles in the Winnipeg/Hamilton game on Thursday night.  And in the Saskatchewan/Edmonton game on Friday, there were EIGHT fumbles.

As a commenter on CFL Reddit said:

CFL = Constant Fumble League

There were only nine fumbles during Week 1 action.  That number climbed to 14 in Week 2.  In Week 3?


Fumbles during the first couple of weeks of the season are almost expected; players haven’t had a lot of game-speed practice, so it’s understandable that fumbles will occur.  But to see the number of fumbles go up is troubling.

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence, as Miss CFL’s Mom thinks it is.

Regardless, I went a dismal 1.5/4 with my picks this week.  Why the .5?  Read on to find out.


About the only thing that happened in this game was this:

This catch was definitely the craziest I have seen.  It’s crazy enough in slow motion, but at full speed, it looks like magic.


Even Ryan Smith couldn’t believe it!

As ridiculous as that catch was, though, what was more ridiculous was that the Tiger-Cats managed to cough up the ball six times.

Like this time:

And this time:

Yet the Tiger-Cats were in the game until the very end due to plays like this:

But on the last play of the game, the Tiger-Cats did what they’d been doing all game.

They fumbled the ball.

As Kent Austin said post-game: “That’s got to stop.

Take the win, Winnipeg.  Take it and run, ’cause you know it was pure luck that got you the win, right Moe Leggett?



This game put me to sleep.


Anyway, early on, it pretty much seemed like things were going the Argos’ way:

Remember Shawn Lemon?  Former Roughrider?  Now Argo?  And remember Anthony Allen?  Former Rider RB?  Now BC Lion?

So that was an all-former Rider play right there!

The Argos’ defence was relentless, forcing fumbles, causing Lions QB Jonathon Jennings to hold on to the ball far long and eventually chasing him from the game.

Enter: Travis Lulay.

And he didn’t fair much better.

Ricky Ray isn’t generally known for running.  Or for gimmick plays.  And then he does this:

When Ricky Ray starts completing passes with his LEFT HAND, you know you’re screwed.

Now for a football PSA:

You’d think the CFL’s official Twitter twits would know that a two way player is one who plays both offence and defence.  A player who who both catches and rushes IS NOT a two way player.

Thank you for listening.  And now back to our regularly-scheduled programming.

The Lions are no longer undefeated.  Methinks Wally’s luck may have run out for now.



Allow me to quote myself:

In other words, this one is too close to call.

I love it when I’m *actually* right.

The commentating on this game was beyond ridiculous.  All Rod Black could talk about was how awesome Trevor Harris is and how amazing Chris Williams is.

But if they’re so AWESOME, how come they couldn’t beat the Stampeders?

While this question is fair, it should be noted that Chris Williams set a pretty spectacular record on Friday night:

To be nearly half way to the 1,000 yard receiving mark is rather astounding.  But you have to think that defences are going to double team him from here on in, slowing down his pace.

But of course that leaves room for the other REDBLACK’s receivers, like Brad Sinopoli, who continues to make us forget that he once was a QB:

Now, I believe I’ve determined why Bo Levi Mitchell has had a bit of a slow start thus far this season:

That is a full on Hutterite beard there, folks.  So gross.

Now let’s get back to the theme of the week: fumbles.


Remember Drew Tate’s fumble in Week 1?  If not, please let me remind you:

I could watch that over and over and over again!

As could I watch Chris Milo hit the upright over and over again!  He did it again on Friday night.  He must have the record for most uprights hit in a career, no?

So the Stamps and REDBLACKS went into overtime, where they exchanged field goals, ending up with a tie game.  What’s rather irritating about this is that the line continues to be that the REDBLACKS are still undefeated. Zero credit has been given to the Stamps for taking the game to overtime.

And I’m an unabashed Stamps hater.

Anyway, I HATE ties.  The last tie was this beauty of a game between the Riders and Stamps back in 2009:

Personally, I think the CFL should let the teams play until the tie is broken.  I’m not talking NFL-style where the team that wins the coin toss basically wins the game, but keep having the teams play mini-games until one team outscores the other.  It’s rare that a game goes to overtime, anyway, right?



Yo, TSN: it’s RICKY Collins, not CHRIS Collins.

The Riders came out firing on all cylinders in the first quarter on offence:

And defence:

I truly sat in disbelief.  I was expecting the Riders to get pounded by the Eskimos.

I mean, look at this catch by Ricky Collins:

You just felt like the Riders were *finally* getting a few bounces going in their direction.

But then the Eskimos and Adarius Bowman started making plays.  And plays.  And more plays.


Jonesy was having NONE of it.

The fourth quarter was where the REAL action began.

The Riders were down 33-19 with 5:44 left on the clock and they were in a 3rd and 5 position.

Jonsey?  He opts to GO FOR IT.

And this happens:

A few minutes later, the Riders got a field goal after completing an ONSIDE KICK. Jordan Reaves went up and knocked the ball out of bounds while the Eskimos’ kick return team just watched it roll on by.

An onside kick with 5:22 left to go in the fourth quarter!

This led to another Rider touchdown, this time by Shamawd Chambers with 19 second left.


This is where I got down in front of my TV, folded my hands and prayed, begging the Rider defence to keep the Eskimos from field goal range.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

The Eskimos kicked a 51 yard field goal to push the game into overtime.

(I may have punched my TV at this point.  I think it was due to Eskimos HC Jason Maas’ face coming onscreen, celebrating the kick to tie the game.)

So the Eskimos get possession first in the first mini-game, and they end up kicking a field goal.

The Riders get the ball and struggle to move it forward.  So they get into a 3rd and a yard situation.  Do you kick the field goal and move on to the second mini-game?  Or do you go for the first down to get a new set of downs and try and get a TD to win the game?

Jonesy went for it, ’cause that’s what Jonesy did all night.

And I said this: “This is going to bite them in the ass.”

Result?  The Riders didn’t make the first down, just as they hadn’t one a number occasions before, and lost the game.

I may have sworn a little at this point.

But I have to agree with Jonesy: the Riders didn’t give up.  And that type of fight is going to get this team more than a few wins this year.

But it still hurts.



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