2016 Week 4 Recap

Flags, flags, and MORE flags!

Challenges, reviews, inconclusive evidence suddenly becoming conclusive, and a refusal to let the players play.

The CFL hilariously says that penalties are “way down” compared to this time last season, with an average of only 18.8 penalties per game through the first three weeks of 2016.

ONLY 18.8 penaties PER GAME!  

And games are only about three minutes longer than they were last season.

I am so sick of all of these extra plays that can now be challenged. And the ‘eye in the sky’ appears to be useless, as everything is taking longer to review.  Pass interference/illegal contact continues to be called inconsistently, with some referees letting the players play and others calling the slightest tug.

But if there was one legitimate flag thrown this weekend, it was this one:



I started off Week 4 strong, but the Alouettes and the Riders let me down (surprise, surprise), so I ended up 2/4.  That’s my best week thus far this season.



Rod Black was absolutely ON FIRE during this telecast.  Among his best soundbites were the following:

  • “You’re a baller!”
  • “Better call the fire department ’cause this team is on fire!”
  • “The REDBLACKS have bullet holes in their cleats!” (meaning the REDBLACKS shot themselves in the foot)
  • “There goes the ball…and into…the goal line…is Ellingson…they’re saying it’s complete…(meanwhile 3 refs wave it incomplete) one official saying incomplete…they’re saying it is an incomplete pass…OR ARE THEY?!
  • Ottawa takes a time out: “Toronto taking a time out…or uh…Toronto taking the time out trying to use the clock up here.”
  • “The REDBLACKS with an Argonaut-like drive.”
  • Constant references to REDBLACK RB Nic Grigsby working as a car salesman prior to being signed by the REDBLACKS

This was unfortunate because this was actually a decent game that went and forth for the first three quarters.  It was in the fourth quarter when this happened that the momentum shifted and the REDBLACKS pulled ahead for good:

Tristan Jackson is back!  (If I was Rod Black, I’d add “As a REDBLACK!” for the rhyming effect.)

This was the first punt return for a touchdown in REDBLACKS’ history.  For a guy that’s bounced around the last couple of seasons, Jackson had to feel pretty good.

As the game wound down, though, the REDBLACKS tried to add a few more points. So REDBLACK K Chris Milo did what he does best:


Milo has hit the goalpost 10 times in his career.  10 TIMES!  How does one do that on such a regular basis?  I mean, he did it in last week’s game, too!

The best part, of course, was Duane Forde’s response:

I’m sure he thought he’d never do that again.


FINAL SCORE: Ottawa 30, Toronto 20



So this was dubbed “The Panel Bowl” by many, as former CFL on TSN panelists Mike Benevides and Paul LaPolice went head to head.

There was no mention of the head coaches, probably much to their chagrin.

The Bombers got out to a 10-0 lead like the Riders did against the Eskimos last week.  They even used Andrew Harris for a few minutes:

But by halftime the Eskimos closed the gap 13-10 and it became a seesaw battle after that. Until this happened:

But I’d fallen asleep by then.


However, it did not help that Drew Willy threw a couple of interceptions.  Thus this:

And then there was this GENIUS quote by Bombers’ HC Mike O’Shea:

There is nothing successful about losing.

Clearly O’Shea isn’t a fan of moral victories.

Maybe the Bombers should look at their iPads more between plays to study up.  And didn’t you hear? The CFL has iPads this year!

My point is that they really should’ve chosen a better picture.

FINAL SCORE: Edmonton 20, Winnipeg 16


Knowing that Kevin Glenn had pink eye and wasn’t going to play would’ve been a lot more helpful if I’d known BEFORE I made my pick.

This was just an ugly game all around.  The score flattered the Tiger-Cats, because at halftime the score was 5-4 and both offencse looked absolutely dreadful.

And it is here that I’m going to sound off about the referees, penalties and challenges, because the last five minutes of the second half must have taken 20 minutes.  It was ridiculous.

Anyway, as predicted, Alouette WR Duron Carter played.

His appeal of his suspension will be heard on August 17.  That’s only a month away.  And the incident only occurred two weeks ago.

I do not understand why this process has to take so long.  It’s not like they need to get someone to reconstruct what happened.

On a completely different note: what was up with those fugly Alouette jerseys?  The faux feathers on the sleeves?  They are almost as gross as the Lions’ road whites, which we’ll get to.

Football-wise, there isn’t much to talk about, except Tiger-Cat KR Brandon Banks returning another punt for a TD.  So let’s look at Alouette HC Jim Popp trying to get the referee’s attention after he threw his challenge flag and no one noticed:

The hat throw is the best.

The absolute best reaction to the Alouettes’ loss was by SB Nik Lewis, whose expletive-filled rant, which is bleeped for those of you with sensitive ears, is definitely a must see.  Here’s a preview:

“(Expletive) that!  Why am I here?  If that is going to be our excuse, then why are we showing up?”, Lewis said post-game after fielding a question from Herb Zurkowsky of the Montreal Gazette about the fact that the Als entered the game without their starting QB Kevin Glenn. That was just the beginning of what was an impassioned, expletive fueled rant caught by TSN cameras in the Alouettes post-game media availability after the game.

He ended his rant with this:

“We are not here to play football, we are here to win games.”

While I don’t think those things are mutually exclusive, point taken, Nik.

FINAL SCORE: Hamilton 31, Montreal 7


My reaction after Darian Durant went down:


It was pretty tough to see what happened live, but when I saw the replay later, I have to say I’m surprised that Darian got off the field without assistance.

I actually knew he was hurt, though, when he didn’t run down field and celebrate with the guys after throwing this TD:

And on the injury front, things went from bad to worse:

So in came Mitchell Gale for the Riders.  Zach Collaros appears to be a fan:

He performed admirably, given the circumstances.  He led the Riders to  TD to end the half, but the second half was a different story.

The fact that the Riders were playing with a makeshift offensive line became clear as offence couldn’t muster a first down at any point in the third quarter.  Rookie Josiah St. John was at left guard, and he, along with two imports filling in for non-imports Dan Clark and Chris Best, could not open any holes for RB Curtis Steele.  This left Gale to stand in the pocket and try to make the best of a bad situation.

Justin Cox went down in the secondary at some point in the first half, and his presence was missed in the second half.  BC QB Jonathon Jennings found receivers Nick Moore and Shawn Gore wide open on two occasions, and those breakdowns were pretty much the difference.

It didn’t help that the Riders’ DBs let a couple of sure interceptions slip through their hands.

But after the game, the Riders did get some good news:

Good thing, too, because the Riders just can’t seem to win without him:


FINAL SCORE: BC 40, Saskatchewan 27


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