2016 Week 5 Recap


We’re number 7!  We’re no longer last!

In a different type of list, though, Nick Moore is certainly number 1.

After celebrating a TD against the Riders last week, Moore celebrated as many CFL athletes do, by running and jumping into each other.  I’ve always thought that this is a strange way to celebrate and that the potential for an athlete to injure himself is quite high.

Let’s now look at Exhibit “A”: Nick Moore.

CFL_2016_Week_4_BC_Lions_vs_Saskatchewan_Roughriders (2).gif

Silly Nick.  He celebrated against the Riders and ended up tearing his ACL.  He’s done for the season.

Some guys never learn, like these guys:

It seems that I can’t quite get past the 50% mark each week. But I blame the Eskimos; they completely failed me.  Why?  Read on.


Oh, Winnipeg.

The Bombers didn’t show up for the first half, allowing the Stampeders to build up a 20-3 lead.  And it ended up being too much to overcome.

At least the Bombers came away with one pretty sweet interception:

The biggest problem with the Bombers, though, appears to be Drew Willy.  This statistic is a problem:

When a QB from an opposing team has the same number of wins in your own stadium as your starting QB, something’s wrong.

Coach O’Shea seems to agree, as he pulled Drew Willy in the fourth quarter.  Backup MATTY ICE came in and did this:

Drew Willy’s stat line showed 0 TDs and 1 INT.

Bo Levi Mitchell’s? 3 TDs and 1 INT.

Drew: be more like Bo.

FINAL SCORE: Calgary 33, Winnipeg 18


This was the first Rider game I did not watch live this year.  And could you blame me? Given Ottawa’s firepower and the Riders’ lack of consistency in the secondary, it seemed like a match up that heavily favoured Ottawa.

So I sat on the dock on Granville Island in Vancouver, not really concerned about checking the score, mostly because I figured I wouldn’t want to know.

I checked in late in the second quarter and saw this:

And thought this:


But I put my phone away and went back to enjoying the beautiful Vancouver weekend.

My sister next checked in during the fourth quarter.  We were behind.  Meh.  It was what I expected.

A few minutes later, though, there was this:


Needless to say, I was rather anxious to get back to the hotel and get on my iPad to see what happened.  What happened was Mitchell Gale, Naaman Roosevelt and Tyler Crapigna.

Special teams helped, too:

The defence also made stops when it was necessary, and threw WR Chris Williams off his torrid, historic pace.

All in all, it was, as Mitchell Gale said, “a team win.

FINAL SCORE: Ottawa 29, Saskatchewan 30


I will fully admit that even on vacation in Vancouver, I require a Saturday afternoon snooze.

When I fell asleep, the Eskimos were up 31-6.  The Tiger-Cats looked like they’d rather be anywhere else, the Edmonton’s defence seemed to be turning a corner.

As the cliche goes, it was a tale of two halves.

Here’s how it started:

Masoli’s remarkable run started with an incompletion from Masoli to Andy Fantuz near the end of the half and it ended in the fourth quarter with a Masoli pass to Fantuz. Masoli’s last incompletion before he went on his hot streak was actually a drop by Fantuz near the goal line with 10 seconds left [in the first half]. I’ll be honest, that was the point where I believed Hamilton had no chance of coming back. Edmonton’s offence had been a machine in the first half; the Tiger-Cats needed a touchdown to cut the lead to 14. Instead, Kent Austin’s squad was forced to kick a field and trudge back to the visiting locker rooms trailing by 18. That lead would grow to 25 with yet another Adarius Bowman touchdown. No one watching this game could have predicted that Masoli would not miss a target until four minutes left in the game.

Starting at the beginning of the second half, Jeremiah Masoli went on a 23-0 run, completing 23 passes in a row to set a new single game CFL record.

Not only did Masoli set a completion record; he led the Tiger-Cats to a record-breaking comeback:

The Tiger-Cats ended up scoring 31 unanswered points.  Given how remarkable that is, I’ll say it again: 31 unanswered points.  Not even the Riders have given up that many unanswered points – and their defence has been built from scratch!

Congratulations to Jeremiah Masoli.  I’ve harped on him for a couple of weeks now, as he started off the season with a great Week 1 and until Week 5, failed to play to that potential. The problem for Masoli, though, is that Zach Collaros is nearly ready to get back in the lineup.  Or maybe that was the catalyst for Masoli’s success.  Regardless, the Tiger-Cats appear to be progressing, while the Eskimos are regressing.


FINAL SCORE: Hamilton 37, Edmonton 31


This game was a yawner.

But to the delight of over 16,000 fans at BMO Field, the Argos finally got their first win.

Unfortunately those fans also saw Ricky Ray get hurt.  Again.

It was an odd play, as he wasn’t tackled.  He was running away from the play after a hand off when a player rolled into him, tweaking his knee.

Kevin Glenn, too, spent some time sitting out in the fourth quarter.  But he returned.  The Alouettes’ offence, though, did not.

The Alouettes’ biggest problem is twofold: they can’t get TDs in the red zone, and their kicker can’t convert those missed TDs into field goals.


You’re not going to win many field goals when your kicker can’t kick field goals.  (See: K Tyler Crapigna, Saskatchewan Roughriders, 5/5, July 22, 2016, REDBLACKS (YUCK) vs. Saskatchewan)

FINAL SCORE: Montreal 17, Toronto 30


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