2016 Week 7 Picks

Maybe I’m turning into into a curmudgeon, but for the love of all things Green and White, could the social media team for the Riders PLEASE stop posting useless slo-mo clips, like the above, and GIFs – although I do love the GIFs – and get back to posting interviews and insight.  Or do I have to continue to do that for you??

Honestly.  Teams are more concerned with hashtags and emojis than actually providing their fans with *content* – which, of course, costs more to produce.  Sure we have our teams posting continuously on social media, making us feel connected, but I’d argue we’re not getting anymore information or insight than we were before.


It’s a quick turnaround this week as Week 7 gets started on Wednesday night.  Who will win and who will lose?  I have no idea, so if you enjoy reading my analysis and laughing your head off each week because I’m completely wrong, please do read on.


Weston Dressler is on the shelf.  Again.  And Darvin Adams, who was starting to make a name for himself, has also been put on the 6 game injured list, which is where Ryan Smith remains.

MATTY ICE isn’t going to have any big-name targets to throw to, so there will be even more of a need to get Andrew Harris the ball early and often in order to keep Hamilton’s front line from taking over the line of scrimmage.

Meanwhile, the Tiger-Cats had a bye last week and an extra week to prepare.  And they are coming off a pretty big win, having come back to beat Edmonton by scoring 31 unanswered points.  Jeremiah Masoli will be the starting QB for at least one more week, as Zach Collaros isn’t expected to be ready for another week or so.

Here’s the thing, though: Hamilton always plays well when I don’t expect it, and always sucks when I predict a win.

Yet Hamilton is on the road.  And road teams have been exceptionally good this year.

Therefore, I’m going to go with Hamilton.  I look forward to them proving me to be very wrong.

PREDICTION: Hamilton by 8


This is clearly my “I don’t care” game of the week because I completely forgot about it and had to come back and write about it last.

Young Jonathon Jennings: while you are correct that you need to play a full 60 minutes, you also need to play a full mini-game or two in order to win. Remember that errant throw from Friday night?  Think of it as a teachable moment.

As for the Alouettes, well, first they really need to rethink this promotion:

(I’ll let you figure out the problem with this one on your own.)

Second, they need to forget last week’s game, because beating up on a 1-3, now 1-4, team doesn’t mean all of your problems have magically been fixed and you’re now a dominant team.

This should be a good defensive battle, as both teams have strong front sevens. Offensively, young Jonathon will need to make better decisions, and veteran Kevin will need to be regular season Kevin, not playoff Kevin who generally falls apart.

It’s a short week for both teams, as they both played last Friday, but the Alouettes will have had two short weeks in a row.  So, BC has the edge.



There are days when I swear that Rod Pedersen doesn’t know a thing about football.  Why would Jonesy name his starting QB in advance?  You always want to make the opposing team have to prepare for two different QBs in order to make them have to cut into their prep time.


By the way, that gal in the front there is Arielle Zerr, and she asks better questions than ANY of the other Rider beat reporters.  PERIOD.


If I was a betting woman, which I clearly am, I’d bet on Darian Durant getting the start this week.  While I don’t think Jonesy is the type to panic and start an ailing QB when it’s only the sixth game of the season, I think Durant will likely convince Jonesy that he’s ready.

It was pretty clear during last week’s debacle that this team lacks leadership – especially on defence:

However Chris Jones said it won’t matter who’s calling signals if the team doesn’t play better on defense. “You can’t give up 40-whatever points,” Jones observed. “You’ve gotta play football, right?  We’ve gotta play much better football than what we’ve played all season long.  We’ve got to play four quarters.  I watched the first two games of the season this morning and we played extremely hard and fast.  But we gave up some big plays and when you’re playing good football teams, that’s what happens.”

I was happy to hear most of what Jonesy said, except for that last sentence.  Yes, big plays will happen, but they can’t happen every single game.

The Riders are going to have to play their most complete game of the season on Thursday night to win.  While I expect the Riders to put in a much better effort on Thursday night, I don’t think their defence is quite ready to take on the Stamps for a full 60 minutes.

In other words, I believe I may punch my TV for the second time this season during Thursday’s night telecast.

PREDICTION: Calgary by 12


Will you??

To me, this is the most intriguing match up of the week.  Last week, Edmonton looked like it was still in shock from the previous week’s devastating (ha!) loss to the Tiger-Cats and the REDBLACKS (YUCK) looked about the same, except that their previous loss was to the Riders by one point.

The result?  Both teams lost.  Again.

And this made me VERY happy.

I talked about this in my recap yesterday, but I see now that it applies to both teams: quit relying on the big play all the time and start winning the time of possession battle. There’s nothing wrong with going down the field 10 yards at a time; you don’t get extra points for getting to the end zone in one shot.

Forget I said that, CFL!  I don’t want to give you any more crazy ideas for rule changes!

I think this game will come to the QBs: Mike Reilly versus Henry Burris.  Reilly is starting to get kind of whiny like Burris can be at times, and I think his ego is a little bruised these days.  Based on this absolutely incontrovertible psychoanalysis, I think the REDBLACKS (YUCK) will prevail.

PREDICTION: Ottawa by 4


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