2016 Week 7 Recap


That’s a scary picture for a Monday morning!

Let it be known that the fall of Henry Burris from 2015 Most Outstanding Player to has-been began at precisely 7:08 pm CST on Saturday, August 6 in Ottawa, Ontario when he answered this innocuous question from Matthew Scianitti of TSN:

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CFL 2016 Week 6 Recap



In case you haven’t heard Rod Black say it – and I don’t know how you could’ve missed it; he only says it 100 times per game – the CFL changed its bylaws this year to allow teams to use iPads on the sideline, allowing them to review plays in real time.  Apparently teams receive replays less than 30 seconds after the end of a play.  You can see coaches looking at them prior to throwing a challenge flag, and defences examining breakdowns in coverages in almost real time.

Another technological change flew under the radar until the Calgary Sun’s Scott Mitchell wrote a story about it this week.

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2016 Week 5 Recap


We’re number 7!  We’re no longer last!

In a different type of list, though, Nick Moore is certainly number 1.

After celebrating a TD against the Riders last week, Moore celebrated as many CFL athletes do, by running and jumping into each other.  I’ve always thought that this is a strange way to celebrate and that the potential for an athlete to injure himself is quite high.

Let’s now look at Exhibit “A”: Nick Moore.

CFL_2016_Week_4_BC_Lions_vs_Saskatchewan_Roughriders (2).gif

Silly Nick.  He celebrated against the Riders and ended up tearing his ACL.  He’s done for the season.

Some guys never learn, like these guys:

It seems that I can’t quite get past the 50% mark each week. But I blame the Eskimos; they completely failed me.  Why?  Read on.

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2016 Week 4 Recap

Flags, flags, and MORE flags!

Challenges, reviews, inconclusive evidence suddenly becoming conclusive, and a refusal to let the players play.

The CFL hilariously says that penalties are “way down” compared to this time last season, with an average of only 18.8 penalties per game through the first three weeks of 2016.

ONLY 18.8 penaties PER GAME!  

And games are only about three minutes longer than they were last season.

I am so sick of all of these extra plays that can now be challenged. And the ‘eye in the sky’ appears to be useless, as everything is taking longer to review.  Pass interference/illegal contact continues to be called inconsistently, with some referees letting the players play and others calling the slightest tug.

But if there was one legitimate flag thrown this weekend, it was this one:



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2016 Week 3 Recap



There were seven fumbles in the Winnipeg/Hamilton game on Thursday night.  And in the Saskatchewan/Edmonton game on Friday, there were EIGHT fumbles.

As a commenter on CFL Reddit said:

CFL = Constant Fumble League

There were only nine fumbles during Week 1 action.  That number climbed to 14 in Week 2.  In Week 3?


Fumbles during the first couple of weeks of the season are almost expected; players haven’t had a lot of game-speed practice, so it’s understandable that fumbles will occur.  But to see the number of fumbles go up is troubling.

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence, as Miss CFL’s Mom thinks it is.

Regardless, I went a dismal 1.5/4 with my picks this week.  Why the .5?  Read on to find out.

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2016 Week 1 Recap




He was only on TV because of a serious lightning delay during Friday night’s Bombers/Alouettes game, but still – HE WAS THERE!

However, we now know exactly why he hides most of the time: HE’S ASHAMED OF THE FACT THAT HE SAYS INANE THINGS LIKE ROD BLACK.

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