2016 CFL Season Preview: Part 2 of 4 – East Division


For many years, the CFL’s East Division was often referred to as the LEAST Division – especially by yours truly.

But the 2015 season proved to be a season where the word ‘parity’ was tossed around a lot. And for good reason.  Three of the East Division’s four teams finished with better records than three of the West Division’s five teams.  The REDBLACKS had 12 wins, while the Argos and Ti-Cats had 10 wins a piece.  In comparison, only Edmonton and Calgary managed to amass more than 10 wins in 2015.

Weird.  VERY weird.

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Week 3 Recap

This was me on Friday night…


Except with a few expletives thrown in (and a few things that were actually thrown.)

But do not fear Rider fans, as history may be on our side!

For example, in 2011, the BC Lions went 0-5 to start the season, but still ended up winning the Grey Cup.

(Of course their first win was against the RIDERS for a 1-6 record after 7 weeks.  And of course I was at that game.)

Here are some further spooky similarities:

  • BC lost its first game in 2011 by 4 points.
  • Saskatchewan lost its first game in 2015 by 4 points.
  • BC lost its second game in 2011 by 2 points.
  • Saskatchewan lost its second game in 2015 by 2 points.

And then there’s this: the score in BC’s first game in 2011 (30-26) was identical to the score in Saskatchewan’s first game in 2015.


Anyway, I was a better than average 3-1 in my predictions this week.  And I was about 40 seconds away from going 4-0.  *Sigh*  On that note, let’s recap the week that was in the CFL.

  • Apparently I spoke too soon last week.  The RODBLACKS looked more the training camp team I thought they were on Thursday night.  Henry Booris was absolutely terrible.  It was fun to watch.  But I have to question why the commentators called it ‘The Matt Nichols Show’.  First of all, it should be the MATTY ICE SHOW, as that is his team nickname.  Second, if he’s going to have his own show, his goatee absolutely needs to go.  Third, does a QB who flips the ball to a defensive lineman really deserve his own show?  If so, I think his impromptu pass to Zach Evans should be the first clip. Regardless, I think it was more a case of the RODBLACKS imploding and taking far too many penalties than the Schmoes’ offence actually dominating.
  • Oh, Bumblers.  I so despise you.  This was yet another case of where it looks like the winning team put up more of a fight than it actually did.  Those Bumblers were lucky, I tell you, as without a blocked punt returned for a TD, they would’ve put another game in the loss column.  While The Rookie (Rakeem Cato) did not have as good of a second game as his debut, he bounced back from his mistakes and showed a lot of resilience by bringing the Als within two points of a win.
  • Do I even need to tell you what happened when the Riders visited the Lions’ Den on Friday night??  Fine.  I will.  The Riders’ offence started out strong, but struggled later on in the game.  The defence yet again gave up big points when the game was on the line.  Both offence and defence took aggravating penalties.  It other words, it was deja vu (BUT NOT DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN, CHRIS CUTHBERT.  ‘All over again’ is redundant).
  • I have immensely enjoyed watching the Stumps stumble out of the gate this season.  I also really enjoy watching Jon Cornhole get stuffed at the line of scrimmage play after play.  And what do I love more?  Watching Jon Cornhole fumble.  This game delivered on both points.  Alas, the Stumps somehow managed to get by the Arblows, who shot themselves in the foot multiple times throughout the game.  Again, both teams took far too many penalties.  All teams need to be more disciplined, because no one is enjoying watching these flag-fests.


This blog is a blend of my passion for CFL football and my love of writing.

As former Commissioner of my family’s annual CFL Pool, and as current Commissioner of my office’s annual CFL Pool (each of which has very different rules), I began to write little snippets each week about what was going on around the league.  Over time my emails became more like missives and others were interested in reading.  As a result, I’ve migrated to the blogosphere, which allows better access for all those interested in CFL football – and more importantly, prevents me from clogging up people’s email boxes.

While I may be Miss CFL, I am a diehard Saskatchewan Roughriders fan.  However, I love the CFL just as much, as it’s uniquely Canadian.

Each week you’ll see commentary on the previous week’s games, previews of upcoming games, recaps of Rider games, links to happenings around the league, and LOTS of pictures.  If nothing else, there will ALWAYS be pictures.

Finally, I like to give nicknames to teams and players.  Some of them I have come up with my own, and some I owe to the great creativity of those at Riderfans.com.  Here’s a sampling:

  • Stumps = Calgary Stampeders
  • Schmoes = Edmonton Eskimos
  • Bumblers = Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  • Arblows = Toronto Argonauts
  • Kitty Cats = Hamilton Tiger Cats
  • Henry Booris = Henry Burris, QB for the Otttawa REDBLACKS
  • Sad Sack = Zach Collaros, QB for the Hamilton Tiger Cats
  • Tatertot – Drew Tate, QB for the Calgary Stampeders
  • Bovine Mitchell – Bo Levi Mitchell, QB for the Calgary Stampeders
  • Broke Pierce Jr./Broke Pierce 2.0 – Mike Reilly, QB for the Edmonton Eskimos
  • And so forth (you get the idea)…

Thanks in advance for reading!